Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, so I have a terrible habit of starting things and then not following through. I’m going to go ahead and say that my lapse in posting is not because I haven’t been making food (and even taking pictures!) but my routine got interrupted back in March by going on vacation and then having visitors come. I am nothing if not a slave to routine.

Anyway, despite having made some delicious things and even taken pictures of them, I’m not going to backtrack because I’m not excited about those things anymore. Instead, I really want to share with you my favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Now, the recipe is actually for soft-baked white chocolate cranberry cookies from, which is also a great recipe. But the first time I made these, I discovered that I had found my version of a perfect cookie base. And trust me, I have tried many, many, many chocolate chip cookie recipes. I spent a few years in college trying and failing at making the most basic of baked goods, the American classic. I was baffled. I used to make chocolate chip cookies at home just fine at home. How was this happening?

Well, I still have no answers to why I failed so often, but I do have a solution to my many and varied failures. These cookies. I will never again bake a different chunk cookie recipe.

By the way, like I said, the recipe is great in the white chocolate cranberry version as given, but to change it to chocolate chips (or M&M’s, or marshmallows, or raisins) just sub in the same amount of chunky goodness as the white chocolate and cranberries.

This photo belongs to Sally’s Baking

They are soft and chewy, with a nice crisp outside. Big and fluffy. Everything I think chocolate chip cookies should be. If you like crunchy chocolate chip cookies, you need to leave.


Flavor – Five Stars: Delicious flavor. They stay chewy even after a couple of days (if they last that long!). I promise you will not want to stop eating these.

Skill Level – Low/Moderate: If you’ve ever made cookies from scratch before, you can make these. If you haven’t, I vote that it is time you give it a try. Just follow the directions, you’ll be fine.

Overall – Five Stars: I cannot say this enough. These are my perfect cookie.

choc chip cookies
Mine this time! I used dark chocolate chunks as well as semi-sweet chocolate chips.